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Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implants can best be described as being the most natural way to replace missing teeth. Implants restore proper chewing function so you can enjoy foods that were previously too difficult to eat. You can stop using those sticky and gooey denture adhesives. If you have partial dentures that show unsightly metal clasps they can be eliminated. As well the pressure these clasps place on your existing teeth is removed. This reduces the damage and possible loss of these teeth.

Here are more advantages:


  • Maintenance of bone (less jaw fractures)
  • Maintenance of vertical dimension (youthful appearance)
  • Tooth positioned for esthetics (looks less like dentures)
  • Proper occlusion (solid bite) 
  • Improved psychological health (more natural) 
  • Regained proprioception (no clicking and cheek biting) 
  • Increased stability (more efficient chewing, less rocking)
  • Increased retention (do not fall down when smiling) 
  • Improved phonetics (natural speech patterns) 
  • Smaller removable prosthetics (exposed roof of mouth)
  • Improved mastication (less digestive disease) 
  • Maintenance of facial muscles (youthful appearance)
  • Preservation of proximal teeth (less expense)
  • Reduction of pathological loads on remaining natural teeth (less tooth wear and breakage)
  • Reduced pressure on underlying nerves (less pain)