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"I used to be so terrified of going to the dentist that it would bring me to tears. Dr. Wolanski first treated  me in 1996 and has since completed fixing all of my teeth including restoring my smile with porcelain veneers. I have had root canals and crowns done all of which look and function great many years later."   

Velma Taylor


"My mother had routine dental X-rays in 1998. Dr Wolanski did not like what he saw and sent my mother for further evaluation. Dr Wolanski had discovered the primary site of malignancy and it was removed. My mother is alive today because of Dr Wolanski. " 


" I had my treatment at your office in January of 2010. Several years previous to this treatment, I had had two treatments using conventional tissue transplanting techniques to repair my gums. I found the Alloderm treatment to be much more comfortable than the conventional treatments. The procedure was performed quickly and the recovery was much less problematic. Since there was no donor tissue harvesting required for the Alloderm procedure, there was less injury to my mouth. The healing process was much faster and less inconvenient than what I had exprienced with the traditional tissue transplanting technique. I would not hesitate to undergo Alloderm treatment in the future and would recommend this treatment to other patients. "

Bruce Patten


"Bizy moms" website asks Dr. Wolanski questions about dental implants.